1. Design

3D Modeling Software

You can start designing by using 3D modeling software. Different domains require different software solutions. Start designing with the most appropriate software for your domain.

3D Modelleme Programları

3D Model Platforms

Platforms including free and paid 3D models are increasing rapidly. These can be used for exploring interesting designs, having them produced or not having to start designing from scratch.

Hazır 3D Model Platformları

Design Services

We are offering design services so that you can actualise your ideas. From concept development to 3D modeling and 3D printing, we offer full coverage and professional support in all design stages.

Design Service

2. Upload Your Model to Formhane

Instant and Affordable Pricing

Professional 3D Printing, High Quality Materials

3D Printability Checks

Planned Production and Fast Lead Times

24/7 Support for All Issues

Secure Web Infrastructure and Storage

3. We'll Produce it For You

High Quality Materials with Professional 3D Printers

We offer a wide range of high quality materials from precious metals to plastics. Third Industrial Revolution is here.

Track Every Phase of Your Product

We track and report to you every phase of your product. You can track your order manually under 'Orders' page.

4. Open Your Shop and Sell Products You Designed

Open Your Shop and Start Selling

Upload your 3D model, select materials for sale and determine their prices. We'll handle production, packaging & shipping, and customer relationships.


Explore Designs

Explore what other designers are doing, get to know the extreme capabilities of professional 3D printers and witness how the traditional manufacturing is challenged. Take your place in the future!

Explore Designs


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We made a list of frequently asked questions and answered them. A great starter for gathering brief information on Formhane.com, 3D printing and digital fabrication.


Formhane Support

What are 3D modeling software? How can I make my orders cheaper? How can I increase my sales? And many other topics are explored comprehensively.


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