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We can design for you and turn your ideas turn into reality.

Full Coverage

From developing the concept to producing the product, we offer full service coverage and assistance.

Professional Team

Fast Response

Time is everything. Knowing this, we provide fast response and results without any decrease in the quality of work.

Design Domains

Organic Modeling

3d printing organic

Jewelry Design

3d printing jewelry


3d printing engineering

Promotion Products Design

3d printing promotion

Architectural Modeling

3d printing architecture 2

Fashion Design

3d printing fashion

Design and Production Process


Concept Development

First step in idea turning into reality. Concept which is appropriate for solving the problem is developed.


3D Modeling

The design is modeled by using the most appropriate 3D modeling software.


Feedback and Iteration

Your feedback is essential in design. So we iteratively conclude the design process out of your feedback.


Production and Post-production

3D Model is produced with the desired material from silver to plastics. If necessary, product is post-processes for coloring and/or surface quality.

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